Central Texas

Combatives Training Group


"helping good people learn to fight well."

When it comes to defending yourself only one thing matters: effectiveness.  PPC Killeen is proud to host an adult combatives training group.

Combatives is more than just “rolling”...

Knife - Stick - Empty Hands

Improvised Weapons

Adults Only - Men and Women

No Ranks, Colored Belts, or Uniforms

Low Cost - No Contracts

Beginners to Experts Welcome

Come see why military, law enforcement, and self-reliant citizens all train with us.

Training focuses on the interface of knife, stick, pistol, and empty hand in personal defense.  The combative training method is primary, where students frequently engage in force-on-force training against resistant partners.

Combatives training group meets at the:

Killeen Community Center
Room 150
2201 E. Veterans Memorial Road
Killeen, Texas 76543

8 - 9:30pm Tuesday and Thursday.

Call (254) 289-6250 or email steve@ppckilleen.com for more information.


Unlike most MMA schools, we do not train to fight in a ring or a cage. Attacks in the real world are unpredictable and spontaneous.

Mindset, ferocity, conditioning, skill, and available weapons are the factors that determine who will have the greatest chance for survival in a fight.

Soldiers: if you like the force-on-force training of Modern Army Combatives but want a more complete fighting system our training group is for you.

Martial Artists: build on your existing skills and refine them under the pressure of force-on-force training against fully resistant partners.

Women: skill with weapons truly levels the field between men and women, large and small. Our instruction is based entirely on tactics and techniques where bigger people become bigger targets.

Come as you are.
Don't wait until tomorrow to learn the skills you may need today.

Classes are conducted as an informal training group of responsible adults. Beginners to experts are all welcome to train with us.